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World’s Greatest MILF.



This babe rubs and plays with herself before laying back and masturbating herself to a gushing orgasm on her bed.  So hot!


My big sister caught me—I couldn’t believe it—jerking off to the family vacation photos of her in a bikini.  She came into the room too quickly and in a panic to cover up my naked lap I forgot to close the image browser on my computer….  her eyes flashed as she saw the pictures.

Turned away in embarrassment, she approached slowly and calmly in her bare feet and knelt at my side, placing her hand on my thigh.  As I looked into her eyes, her surprisingly cold yet smooth hand slid up my thigh; wrapping her long delicate fingers around me.  I almost lost my breath at her touch.

"I like that you look..", she smiled.  "I’ve known for a long time that you thought of me like this.", beginning to pump up and down as I throbbed achingly in her hand and began to glisten.  She smiled and glanced away as though embarrassed but her devious grin quickly returned and I gazed in amazement as my big sister jerked me off onto her luscious tits.

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